The One Who is Behind It All

There will be times I do not post about an adventure but rather my passions. Here is one of them, my love for EVERYONE.

I drew this picture in about 3 minutes, that’s why it is sloppy, but I just wanted a visual representation that if homosexuals are the colors of the rainbow, what are the straight people? The dark colors such as black and grey? Although that doesn’t necessarily matter, the thing that does is that God is the one behind it all. Sticking by our side every step of the way, whether we choose to follow him or not.


As I was watching the news yesterday I kept hearing about, how hundreds of anti-gay Christian camps keep popping up across the US where teens are sent for ‘conversion.’

I sat in awe of not only the fact this is happening but also the fact that they share only the Christian organizations. I could bet that there are camps such as these that are not Christian based.

These news stories are making Christians look bad. I am not making an excuse for the Christians who chose to do this sort of non-sense. I am writing this from a Christian perspective to show the homosexuals and everyone else my honest opinion on it.

I am a strong believer that man was made for woman and woman was made for man and they shall not lie down with one another.

“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”

-Leviticus 18:22

With saying that, the Bible also says to love others. I love the bible verse Romans 13:10, “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

I love everyone. No matter their background, where they came from, who they used to be, the color of their skin, or the way their brain works. I love everyone because God has given me the heart to love people even when people might say they don’t deserve it. It’s me showing God’s love that he first bestowed upon us.

We are ALL sinners. We don’t deserve God’s love but because of his great mercy he loves each and every one of us. He loves the straight people and he also loves the homosexual people just as much. Don’t judge Christians because of the news stories you hear on the TV or the riots you see on the street. If you truly call yourself a Christian then you will love everyone, just as God calls us to do.




3 thoughts on “The One Who is Behind It All

  1. Pretty simple.

    The thing about those “Christian” organizations is that they are not doing what God called them to do and in return are turning people away from God. It is NOT our place to judge or condemn or anything of the like. It is our place to love, make relationships, and then love some more, shining our light for all the world to see and letting God do the rest.

    I am so much like you, I love EVERYONE. But it’s pretty easy to do when you understand God’s love and his undeserving grace. Which is another thing these “Christians” are failing to do, show love and extend grace. But, we cannot stop those people from acting like that, we can only make sure that we are shining out lights and that when people look at us they see Jesus.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject and sharing Jesus with the world!

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